About Harris Capital

A single family office based in Melbourne, Australia.

Harris Capital was established in 2016 by Geoff Harris AO and Susan Harris AO to manage the Harris Family’s investment activities. The family office oversees a private multi asset investment strategy deployed globally across Real Estate, Alternatives, Fixed Income, Public Equities and Cash.

We have a multi-generational family mission, these extended timelines give us a long-term investment horizon and keep our focus firmly on our conduct, reputation and legacy. We believe in supporting and empowering great people, families, and organisations to sustainably grow and have a positive impact in our society. We endeavour to supercharge entrepreneurship, social enterprise and philanthropy in Australia through thoughtful leadership, advice and investment.

A brief history

In the 1980s, Geoff Harris identified an opportunity and took a leap of faith, investing $3,000 to launch the first Melbourne Flight Centre store on quaint Hardware Lane. From this humble beginning, and through the power of entrepreneurship, mateship and a good old-fashioned willingness to have a crack, emerged a global powerhouse spanning 25 countries. Flight Centre travel group is today an ASX200 listed company and the family remain significant shareholders.

In the early 2000s, our journey intersected with the visionary Janine Allis. In an investment cemented on the foundation of a handshake, Boost Juice blossomed from a modest few stores into a thriving enterprise with 240 stores, culminating in a AUD$65 million Private Equity exit.

In the late 2000s, alongside a consortium of likeminded investors, Top Deck Travel underwent a remarkable transformation as we purchased the business from administration and grew it to a AUD$60 million exit.

More recently the family have been involved in the growth of a large network of Hospitality businesses. The portfolio includes brands such as The Sporting Globe, TGI Fridays, Fonda & Varsity encompassing 5 states and more than 60 venues, the family remain major shareholders.

Our home

Gate 8 is the home of the Harris Family office, it is a 6 green star office building located in East Melbourne.

The building was conceived and designed with one core purpose; to supercharge Philanthropy, Social Enterprise and the next generation of Australia’s great entrepreneurs.

The building houses the Harris Capital family office and affiliated investment and advisory businesses. In line with its purpose, around 1/3rd of the building is donated for use by charities, social enterprises and community groups.

The building name – Gate 8 – is a nod to the world famous Melbourne Cricket Ground under whose shadows we reside. The MCG has 7 gates of entry and in Melbourne one will often hear “I will meet you at Gate 3” or “Meet you at Gate 6”… Well now we look forward to meeting you at Gate 8.

“Gate 8 was designed to supercharge Philanthropy, Social Enterprise and the next generation of Australia's great entrepreneurs.” - Geoff Harris